Here at Happy Dog, we believe dog grooming is not just a cut & wash process. Every dog has his unique needs and conditions, so Happy Dog Grooming offers a complete and comprehensive line of fine grooming services, in order to bring out the best in appearance and the full personality of any breed we handle. 

Upon receiving your appointment, we make sure that we hear out your requirements and ensure that we understand them fully. On occasion, we provide suggestions and ideas to fully bring out the uniqueness and character of your dog from the grooming and cut. We work carefully, never rushed, and do not overbook the appointments, so that we provide to your dog the best grooming treatment. We use quality products, always take  our time and strive to do it right, for your satisfaction and your dog’s comfort and safety. 

Basic Grooming
Basic Grooming is an essential service to maintain the overall appearance and hygiene of your dog. Each Basic service at Happy Dog Grooming includes: 

  • Use of Premium shampoos and fine conditioners
  • Blow dry 
  • Full brushing out  (Full dematting for extraordinary cases at additional costs)
  • Nail trimming & filling 
  • Paw-pad shave 
  • Ear cleaning 
  • Sanitary & abdominal shave 
  • Expression of anal glands (Upon request)
  • Teeth Brushing 

At the end of our Basic Grooming, your dog will appear a fluffier and fuller, healthier and
A HAPPIER dog, who is feeling rejuvenated within and smelling terrifically nice on the outside!

Full Grooming
Happy Dog’s Full Grooming service includes all the items described above in our Happy Dog’s Basic Grooming and includes customized cut & styling. This includes a full haircut  from nose to tail, and includes a full bath, brush, and blow dry. You can also request for add-ons such as those described in our spa menu for specific treatments.  You decide exactly how you want your dog  or short the hair should  be and whether your dog should look full-bodied or slim. We at HappyDog Grooming will work hard to give your pet the individual look 

you want that will assuredly bring out the full essence of his personality. 

Doggy Spa
At Happy Dog, we can include spa add-on items for specific treatments to be included in the grooming regime for your dog. Our spa add-ons target specific conditions such as:

  • Tea Tree Oil bath – skin sensitivity and skin rashness/itch
  • Neem Oil bath – Control of flea and/tick infestation problems

These spa treatments are not only therapeutic and enjoyable for your dog, they are widely acknowledged to be beneficial to the various conditions above.

Dog Spa


There are many variables to consider in dog grooming, such as whether your dog has long or short fur and whether the fur is matted and entangled.  Therefore, there is no set  pricing for grooming. Our groomers will be able to advise on individual prices for each dog, largely based on the time required to complete the chosen service.

Factors which determine the price of a service include: 

  • Amount of scissor work 
  • Clipping & Style request
  • Degree of matting
  • Difficulty of the cut
  • Drying time
  • Length of hair 
  • Size of dog

Come, visit us and speak to our Pet Care Specialists and Groomers now to obtain a personalised cut for your dog now!

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